don’t go to the ocean with a thimble…

How do we find the light, that glimmer of hope, that it’s possible to cross over each chasm we face and emerge, ready to move forward?

Do You Trust Yourself?

In his book, The Art of Significance, Dan Clark says that we should trust predictability instead of hope and faith. Hope and faith propel us to try something, he says but too many people drop to their knees to pray versus standing on their feet and doing their part in facilitating an answer to theirContinue reading “Do You Trust Yourself?”

Pitch your Tent in the Land of Hope and Press On

As published in today’s Business Newsday “Hope is to the soul what breath is to the body – restorative and life-giving,” Allen Randolph, described as “a pastor to pastors,” so beautifully illustrates. “People can learn to live without a lot of things, but not live well nor live long without hope.  You live better and moreContinue reading “Pitch your Tent in the Land of Hope and Press On”