Putting Greater Emphasis on Self-examination vs Self-celebration

This graphic by Hugh MacLeod got me thinking. ( I love receiving Hugh’s emails. They always make me think. If you want to see what I mean, check out his blog here.) With this image Hugh talked about the trouble with success…it was exhausting. The he said… But we put on a brave face anyway, andContinue reading “Putting Greater Emphasis on Self-examination vs Self-celebration”

Are You Ready to Up Your Game?

Panos Mourdoukoutas, business and investment strategist and a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, was addressing the subject of retirement (although I think that this piece of advice is not applicable to only retirees) and the one precious asset that was missing from one’s investment portfolio. The asset he was referring to was a non-financial asset…thatContinue reading “Are You Ready to Up Your Game?”

Treasure and Trash – One and the Same…

Have you ever heard of 6-12 Insect Repellent? We now have a bottle in our possession…long story how it got into our hands 🙂 but let’s just say that when we got it, we didn’t think anything of it. I came across the following advertisement in an on line copy of Life Magazine – AugustContinue reading “Treasure and Trash – One and the Same…”

Was I Trying to Set My Brain on Fire?

I was feeling like this guy but I wasn’t smiling. Beware of the open ended project. The one with no deadline. The one that you think about for weeks on end. The one that you throw up in the air and create strategies around it to keep it alive and well. The one you KNOWContinue reading “Was I Trying to Set My Brain on Fire?”

“There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…”

…so said Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille, choreographer of Oklahoma. I don’t think we grasp the magnitude of that statement “there is only one of you in all time…” yet it’s true. We take for granted our uniqueness. We don’t see it. We think we have nothing new to offer. It’s all been done beforeContinue reading ““There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…””