Turn words into work

When he was in second grade, Harry Truman came down with a rare bacterial infection that paralyzed his arms and legs. The boy who could hardly stand to be indoors was suddenly and helplessly bedridden. “That’s when he started reading,” Truman’s sister recalled. “He couldn’t do anything else.” He read so much that when, miraculouslyContinue reading “Turn words into work”

How You Work may be Working Against You

In my column today I want to look at how we work through the lens of productivity and that of procrastination. While procrastinators are well aware that this habit is working against them, those of us who are busy all the time and seemingly productive may not see their way of working as working againstContinue reading “How You Work may be Working Against You”

Not Everyone Needs to Believe in Your Idea

But you do. This is a key component and determining factor in you stepping out of your comfort zone and doing that “stupid” thing. And please don’t berate me for saying that your idea is stupid. You said it first. Why do we almost always condemn our ideas before even trying them on for size?Continue reading “Not Everyone Needs to Believe in Your Idea”

What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?

If you had the resources to accomplish something great in the world, what would you do? I came across that question in a Strategy and Business article with a title that sucked me in: 40 Chances to Realize Your Goals by Susan Cramm, leadership coach and author. Goal setting and goal achieving have always beenContinue reading “What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?”

Be Fascinated By The Differences Not Troubled

Takes all types to make up the world. So I’ve been told by my mom, my grandmother, friends, and teachers. We all understand this on some level but because we are generally insular – ignorant of or sometimes uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside of our own experiences and world view, we tend not toContinue reading “Be Fascinated By The Differences Not Troubled”

Starting Off With Nothing….

We started off with nothing so we used that… Diane Latiker, Founder and Present of Kids Off the Block Inc. When we’re asked to take an inventory – whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotional…if we’re feeling particularly beaten down…we usually mouth, either silently or to others – that we have NOTHING.  I’ve come to understand thatContinue reading “Starting Off With Nothing….”

You are Capable

We all need to be reminded that once we activate our creative power we can follow through on any plan, idea or purpose. We need to stop the insane thinking that keeps us constantly looking for more information, wasting countless hours scouring the Internet. Like Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors “Feed me! Feed me!Continue reading “You are Capable”

Throw Open the Prison Door & Liberate the Captive!

Freedom is coming to a body near you! Could be today – it’s up to you! It often starts with a spark – an idea – a BIG dream. A day goes by…still excited “This is good…this is going to be so frickin’ good” you say to yourself. You smile. And then you share theContinue reading “Throw Open the Prison Door & Liberate the Captive!”

The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN

My cousin’s oldest daughter does not read anything except that which she must! She is 14. Knowing that I am an avid reader, on a recent trip Trinidad, my cousin asked me to have a chat with her about her dislike for reading. Now I learned long ago from Dale Carnegie – that a manContinue reading “The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN”

Too many *whatevers* spoil the broth

My favorite – Japanese Vegetable Nabe… ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ has been used in actual kitchens but also in everyday activities meaning too many persons involved in managing an activity can ruin it. So can: setting too many goals result in none being attained focusing on paying off all your debts at onceContinue reading “Too many *whatevers* spoil the broth”