Your Resistance to Progress will Ruin You

If you’ve been waiting on a sign to determine whether you are ready to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do – today’s the day! I’m here to tell you: It’s time! You’ve been spending quite some time in rehearsal. Today is the day to emerge from the curtains that block your stage toContinue reading “Your Resistance to Progress will Ruin You”

Existing in your Universe of Unrealized Potential is PAINFUL!

You have so much potential! Hated to hear people tell me this because HAVING potential and actually USING it are worlds apart. And when you’re not using your potential YOU KNOW! Knowing that you’re NOT using your full potential is one thing. DOING something about it is another. On my walk last evening, I was listeningContinue reading “Existing in your Universe of Unrealized Potential is PAINFUL!”

No Integrity – No Prosperity

In today’s material driven world, we’ve grown to think that a little lying, a little shading of the truth is okay. It’s acceptable. So sales people are trained to not tell the whole truth but lie just enough to close the deal. To not be totally upfront with customers about the REAL shipment date andContinue reading “No Integrity – No Prosperity”

Embrace the Hand You’re Dealt

When I was a child, I remember both my mother and grandmother giving me a thick, viscous, malt-based concoction on a spoon daily. It was “good for me” I was told. There was no evading it. It was poured and administered – spoon immediately in mouth – I had no choice but to swallow itContinue reading “Embrace the Hand You’re Dealt”

This may be the Missing Link in your Ability to Lead Effectively

The Leadership Diamond®, created by Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., is a model of the leadership mind and a methodology for expanding leadership. The Diamond distinguishes four interdependent leadership imperatives, or “orientations”: Ethics, Vision, Courage and Reality. These orientations are your inner resources, always available to help you if you access them. The relationship among the fourContinue reading “This may be the Missing Link in your Ability to Lead Effectively”

Torn between loyalty and keeping the peace –

Here is one woman’s fight with her truth! [ This article was published in the Trinidad and Tobago Express Woman’s Magazine in 2007] Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote: “A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.” On the basis of what is “acceptable” many conclude that if everyone is doing or thinkingContinue reading “Torn between loyalty and keeping the peace –”

Why is BEING AUTHENTIC so important?

Today was my first radio show for the year on Heartbeat radio, with host Marcia Miranda. The theme for this year’s series of programs is AUTHENTICITY. Webster’s dictionary defines authenticity as “worthy of acceptance or true to one’s own personality, spirit or character.” Are you being authentic? This is a question I actually have onContinue reading “Why is BEING AUTHENTIC so important?”

Choices have consequences, Choose authenticity!

As published in the Express Woman Magazine October 3rd 2010 as part of the Women In Leadership Series where Dr. Marcia Reynolds and I explore the barriers that are still in the workplace and the world at large and help women confront their inner demons before they can find the peace they desperately seek. IfContinue reading “Choices have consequences, Choose authenticity!”

The importance of keeping your word

There is a sort of internal crumbling that takes place when you don’t keep your word. We’ve all experienced what happens when someone else doesn’t keep theirs: The minutes aren’t done They didn’t bake the cookies as promised for the bazaar They promised to watch grandma while you went shopping but never showed up PromisedContinue reading “The importance of keeping your word”