Lead Me Not into Temptation…for I will Go There Myself!

I decided that I was going to reupholster a sofa. I took the covers off to take to the guy who was going to do the job so that he could measure and let me know how much material I needed to buy. I stripped the cushions on the back porch and left the piecesContinue reading “Lead Me Not into Temptation…for I will Go There Myself!”

One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions

Early on in my career, I encountered many people who told me that I had a lot of potential. When I first heard this, I puffed my chest out and felt pretty good about myself. But then, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my life and I started to wonder about all thisContinue reading “One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions”

How Pure is Your Intention?

Jonathan Fields got me thinking about this in a recent blog post about Intention and Regret. His discussion centred around this quote It is said that if our intention is to help others…we will never have any regret. Regret is a result of trying to make “me” happy – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche or “The Sakyong” I think thatContinue reading “How Pure is Your Intention?”

Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck

Idea stealing is a discussion I often have with independent service professionals and business owners afraid to participate in group type learning environments or entrepreneurs who feel certain that they’re in possession of the next big whatever. The independent service professional or business owner – “Why would I come to a session like the oneContinue reading “Is the Fear of Someone Stealing Your idea Keeping You Stuck”

Slipping Into Darkness

Was feeling a bit like this song by War today…like I couldn’t see exactly where I was going with this particular client. For me to be able to function I MUST always have a framework – a point of reference and I had none. I was slowly slipping into darkness so of course I decidedContinue reading “Slipping Into Darkness”