where are you selling yourself short?

You may have been brushing over this question for a long time. Even if you haven’t put it into words to form the question, you have had a feeling…a knowing…that all is not right in your world. On the outside, you look OK and feel OK but you know that you are not OK. YouContinue reading “where are you selling yourself short?”

I’m Giving Away Everything FREE!

I have fantasized about changing people, changing the world. I am driven to share the knowledge I have to help others to see REAL transformation in their lives. And so I figured I could help the most people by allowing them to experience what it would be like working with me – without having to pay anything initially. PeopleContinue reading “I’m Giving Away Everything FREE!”

Are Your Investments Generating a Dividend or Loss?

Whenever we talk about investments, we’re usually talking about money. Many of us know that we need to save money, invest wisely and reduce our debt. Few have a concrete strategy for saving and reducing debt and almost no strategy regarding investing. While many of us would like to change the RESULTS in our lives,Continue reading “Are Your Investments Generating a Dividend or Loss?”