A Writer not Keen on Writing…

Self-doubt. Wouldn’t it be great to free ourselves of any doubt? Freedom from doubt in EVERYTHING? In ourselves, in our beliefs, our fellowmen, the world, our thoughts, our decisions, our goals? We doubt ourselves and in so doing talk ourselves out of doing the things we feel drawn to. Like me sometimes with writing. I love toContinue reading “A Writer not Keen on Writing…”

Lessons from a Dusty Fan

I recently bought the Kindle version of The In-Between by Jeff Goins. It’s about embracing the tension between now and the next big thing. My ‘now’ the other day was cleaning a VERY dusty ceiling fan. I have been looking at it forever. It’s in the bedroom so it’s a ‘must see’. 🙂  And I’veContinue reading “Lessons from a Dusty Fan”