Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions

It screws them up. Whenever we talk about finding something it means that we don’t have it and we need to go look for it.  It’s out  there somewhere and if we can only find it, then we can do something with it. The Future of HR: What’s next for the profession was the name ofContinue reading “Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions”

Survival is not enough…in fact it’s painful!

Only painful though when you’re not involved in the work that you should be doing! Most of us approach the world of work with the same paradigm: Go to school. Get a degree. Get a job. Perhaps take another job. Work hard. Rise up through the ranks. Become the “head honcho”. Make big bucks. RetireContinue reading “Survival is not enough…in fact it’s painful!”