Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.

Get a degree, work hard, and success will automatically follow. This is the success map that we are all given. Has anyone noticed that it’s broken? Business Strategist, popular speaker and ultra-runner Dan Waldschmidt refuses to accept business as usual. He says that this success map represents a model that is a false promise andContinue reading “Excuses Are the Poison of Low Performance.”

The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life

In an article titled *Understanding Yourself* author Ching Ning Chu described Coco Chanel, the famous French fashion designer, as starting her career not as a designer but as a well-to-do society lady. She always dressed in the manner she liked, regardless of current trends. Her unique style, particularly her bobbed hair and raised hemline, wentContinue reading “The 3 Questions That Will Literally Save Your Life”