Living Life without Containment

Our dog Pocket was knocked down yesterday. I was in such shock that I couldn’t cry. It took a while for the tears to come and as I posted a couple pics of her on Facebook, the tears started to flow. Today the realization that Pocket is no longer here is hard to swallow. IContinue reading “Living Life without Containment”

Get acquainted with the ‘real’ you today…

I wrote a post yesterday called “If you really knew me…” and then I came across this post by my friend Dr. Marcia Reynolds, bestselling author of the book “Wander Woman”-called  Who are you? Yesterday I was at a lime (for non Trinbagonians I’ll let Queen Latifah explain what that is here đŸ™‚ ), andContinue reading “Get acquainted with the ‘real’ you today…”