Turn words into work

When he was in second grade, Harry Truman came down with a rare bacterial infection that paralyzed his arms and legs. The boy who could hardly stand to be indoors was suddenly and helplessly bedridden. “That’s when he started reading,” Truman’s sister recalled. “He couldn’t do anything else.” He read so much that when, miraculouslyContinue reading “Turn words into work”

How Are You Using Your Power?

The measure of a man is what he does with power. This statement was made by Pittacus of Mytiline, Greek Statesman and sage. What feelings do you have when you think about power? Do you hold the view as Lord Acton did when he insightfully observed that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? DoContinue reading “How Are You Using Your Power?”

Overnight Success REALLY Doesn’t Happen Overnight

With headlines like “From Zero to $1 Billion in Two Years” describing what happened to Instagram and “They did it! YouTube Bought by Google for $1.65 Billion in Less than Two Years” it’s no wonder that we’re seduced and romanced into thinking about what it would be like in our own lives to go fromContinue reading “Overnight Success REALLY Doesn’t Happen Overnight”

Before You Are an Occupation You Are a First a Person

Contemporary Christian vocalist, songwriter and guitarist from San Diego, California, Phil Wickham recently lost his voice. He was supposed to lead worship at an event called Catalyst – a conference for leaders about 3,500 strong in Southern California but because of his “no voice” situation he wasn’t able to make it. The organizers still wantedContinue reading “Before You Are an Occupation You Are a First a Person”

What do you do if your Leaders are Crooked?

When I was in the print industry there were some advertising agencies that I could never get work from. Rumors were that the purchasers were taking bribes and the company I worked for was not prepared to do business that way. I never had any proof of same but occasionally such a person would vacateContinue reading “What do you do if your Leaders are Crooked?”

Being Childlike Gives us the Right ‘Tude to Living Successfully

  Last night I went to a village called Hope in Tobago to listen to my friend Marcia Miranda sing. It was a small crowd and the chairs were placed quite a distance from the small stage. As Marcia got on stage she asked the people in the audience to come a little closer –Continue reading “Being Childlike Gives us the Right ‘Tude to Living Successfully”

Happy Employees = Profitable Business

The business climate is still a shaky one. Uncertainty reigns supreme. Because of the State of Emergency, many businesses have no choice but to lay off staff because the volume of business just isn’t there to warrant retaining as many employees to serve during the limited operating hours and dwindling customer base. This decision hasContinue reading “Happy Employees = Profitable Business”

Some will, some won’t – SO WHAT?

I believe it was Dale Carnegie who said “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” I have to remind myself about this OFTEN! I just want the best for everybody. And I need to believe that each person wants the best for themselves. But you cannot force someone to doContinue reading “Some will, some won’t – SO WHAT?”

Great Teachers are Great Leaders (I’ve had a few in my life)…

They don’t make teachers like they used to – But then again – I’m no longer in school so what do I know? What I do know for sure is that at Bishop Anstey Junior School there were three teachers that had a significant impact on my life: Mrs Massiah Miss (as far as IContinue reading “Great Teachers are Great Leaders (I’ve had a few in my life)…”

Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?

We’ve heard the acronym before that T-E-A-M means “Together Everyone Achieves More.” The most important word there would be TOGETHER. Team is a word that gets tagged onto other words like work and mate to communicate togetherness, the spirit of the team is described as if describing the spirit of the whole – yet howContinue reading “Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?”