Turn words into work

When he was in second grade, Harry Truman came down with a rare bacterial infection that paralyzed his arms and legs. The boy who could hardly stand to be indoors was suddenly and helplessly bedridden. “That’s when he started reading,” Truman’s sister recalled. “He couldn’t do anything else.” He read so much that when, miraculouslyContinue reading “Turn words into work”

What We Learn To Do We Learn By Doing

The title of my column this week is a quote by Aristotle. It’s a powerful reminder that unless we are in the sandbox, getting our hands dirty, our learning process is incomplete. “There’s an awful temptation to just keep on researching,” says David McCullough, author, historian and two time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. “ThereContinue reading “What We Learn To Do We Learn By Doing”

Dare to Start Something!

When John MacDonald first proposed to build the great New York Subways people laughed at him. He went to one “big” financier after another and the answer of all was the same: “Dig a tunnel under all these streets and houses, with their maze of pipe lines and electric cables and gas mains and sewers?Continue reading “Dare to Start Something!”

Lessons from a Dusty Fan

I recently bought the Kindle version of The In-Between by Jeff Goins. It’s about embracing the tension between now and the next big thing. My ‘now’ the other day was cleaning a VERY dusty ceiling fan. I have been looking at it forever. It’s in the bedroom so it’s a ‘must see’. 🙂  And I’veContinue reading “Lessons from a Dusty Fan”

The World According to Garp et al

Not because it works for you makes it right! I’m struggling with this right now – my world – the world according to Giselle. Isn’t that how it is for most of us? Our frame of reference, beliefs, conditionings over long stretches of time create what we call our truth and we lock into andContinue reading “The World According to Garp et al”

Starting Over…

Everyday we get an opportunity to start over. We may not look at it like that – we may think that we are just continuing on from yesterday but I believe it’s an opportunity to begin again. A new day brings with it light and promise. An opportunity to look at things differently, in anotherContinue reading “Starting Over…”

“Did my model come with instructions? I can’t seem to find mine?”

As a long time science fiction buff, I was imagining a cloned human, waking up to planet Earth and trying to determine how they were supposed to live as a human being – where were the rules? Our parents, teachers and friends do their best to help us along the way yet it is inevitableContinue reading ““Did my model come with instructions? I can’t seem to find mine?””

For those who seek happiness

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama Sometimes I can be very judgmental. I often try to balance that with being overly critical of myself and my actions. So as I criticize others, I seek to look to myself for any displayContinue reading “For those who seek happiness”

10 Problems with doing the best you know how

Thanks to my good friend Dr.Marcia Reynolds who shared this today on Facebook… Years ago in a company I owned, there was a young man who worked for me who had tremendous potential. I believed in him so much that I personally invested in him and paid special attention to him. I thought his futureContinue reading “10 Problems with doing the best you know how”