Are You Still On That Sh*t?

I'm following 50 Cent's Strength Coach Jay Cardiello on Instagram. He has some really interesting quotes that he shares...some funny....some thought-provoking. Today he posted: When you focus on you, you grow. When you focus on shit, shit grows. Read that again. I know I am guilty of sometimes not just focusing but obsessing about … Continue reading Are You Still On That Sh*t?

The Labyrinth Called Life

I wrote this piece in my journal on February 1st 2016, and decided to share. I started that day feeling “bummy” but once I worked my way through my feelings, I realized the importance of writing stuff down and getting it out of your system. It unclogs your creative arteries allowing helpful thoughts to flow freely again. … Continue reading The Labyrinth Called Life

Learning to Surf Life

I'm afraid of turbulence in water. I grew up with my grandmother saying "the sea has no back door." I believed her. Curiously I don't like turbulence - PERIOD. Lately in life it seems that I am encountering turbulence but it's unfamiliar. I have grown comfortable with the turbulence of not having regular work, not … Continue reading Learning to Surf Life

Sometimes a poem says it all

Let go and Let God we're oft advised. Easier said than done. It's like  thinking "God I trust you but let me drive!" Or as Marianne Williamson once said in one of her tele-talks "It's not that we don't hear what God is telling us to do - it's that we don't LIKE what God … Continue reading Sometimes a poem says it all