Let Down that Heavy Load

As I pry my fingers off of all the hurt I’ve been carrying…some from perhaps when I was maybe two or three…the actual chain of events…vague…but the pain…raw and real…I’m thinking that we can only let go when we learn. I’m not suggesting painstakingly rehashing events. What I am suggesting is that we let ourContinue reading “Let Down that Heavy Load”

Are You Still On That Sh*t?

I’m following 50 Cent’s Strength Coach Jay Cardiello on Instagram. He has some really interesting quotes that he shares…some funny….some thought-provoking. Today he posted: When you focus on you, you grow. When you focus on shit, shit grows. Read that again. I know I am guilty of sometimes not just focusing but obsessing about shit…youContinue reading “Are You Still On That Sh*t?”

The Labyrinth Called Life

I wrote this piece in my journal on February 1st 2016, and decided to share. I started that day feeling “bummy” but once I worked my way through my feelings, I realized the importance of writing stuff down and getting it out of your system. It unclogs your creative arteries allowing helpful thoughts to flow freely again.Continue reading “The Labyrinth Called Life”

Learning to Surf Life

I’m afraid of turbulence in water. I grew up with my grandmother saying “the sea has no back door.” I believed her. Curiously I don’t like turbulence – PERIOD. Lately in life it seems that I am encountering turbulence but it’s unfamiliar. I have grown comfortable with the turbulence of not having regular work, notContinue reading “Learning to Surf Life”

Accept Yourself Today

How does this thought grab you? Do you feel that you need to change a few things first BEFORE you can accept yourself, AS IS, today? The thought makes me squirm. So much to IMPROVE. So much I wish I didn’t have to deal with. We are our own worst critics aren’t we? That’s whyContinue reading “Accept Yourself Today”

Next Chapter Please…

Most people who know me well know that my favorite alcoholic beverage is beer – Has always been – I simply love the taste. For those who know me ‘real good’ you know that my favorite place to hang out and drink beer is at Brooklyn Bar. I remember one time a friend text andContinue reading “Next Chapter Please…”

Settling into Your Life Raft…

The image of a raft without oars has got my attention. If I’m in a raft without oars, I’d have no choice but to make sure I stay IN the raft and go with the flow. One things for sure is that I would not be traveling backward. I would always be heading down streamContinue reading “Settling into Your Life Raft…”

Sometimes a poem says it all

Let go and Let God we’re oft advised. Easier said than done. It’s like  thinking “God I trust you but let me drive!” Or as Marianne Williamson once said in one of her tele-talks “It’s not that we don’t hear what God is telling us to do – it’s that we don’t LIKE what GodContinue reading “Sometimes a poem says it all”