Does the End Justify the Means? How Far Would You Go?

Finally got around to looking at the movie “Whiplash”. I didn’t read any reviews before so I was pleasantly surprised that it was about jazz and the musicians who choose to pursue this musical genre to claim greatness. J.J.Duncan describes what the movie is about in his post ‘6 Deep Thoughts About Whiplash’: At theContinue reading “Does the End Justify the Means? How Far Would You Go?”

When Comfort Becomes Quicksand

How often in your life do you lose sight of the big picture? You go after stuff you think you need, while you scoff at what you actually have. We’re so hell bent on pleasing and fitting in and doing things a certain way…dressing┬áthe part of the┬áman or woman of your stature…yet what does yourContinue reading “When Comfort Becomes Quicksand”