No Integrity – No Prosperity

In today’s material driven world, we’ve grown to think that a little lying, a little shading of the truth is okay. It’s acceptable. So sales people are trained to not tell the whole truth but lie just enough to close the deal. To not be totally upfront with customers about the REAL shipment date andContinue reading “No Integrity – No Prosperity”

Can we ever forgive Marion Jones?

[This article was written 16 October 2007] And will we ever forget what she did? If you are an avid sports fan then this revelation may have affected you more than most. If you are like me –  on the sideline, “depending on the hype surrounding an event” kind of sports aficionado then you willContinue reading “Can we ever forgive Marion Jones?”

Torn between loyalty and keeping the peace –

Here is one woman’s fight with her truth! [ This article was published in the Trinidad and Tobago Express Woman’s Magazine in 2007] Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote: “A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.” On the basis of what is “acceptable” many conclude that if everyone is doing or thinkingContinue reading “Torn between loyalty and keeping the peace –”