You don’t make a difference by judging; you make one by taking action

We have become great observers and brilliant detectors. We see what is wrong. We can identify what is missing. We understand that things must change. THEN WE WAIT. Wait for someone else to speak up, to suggest the change, to have the difficult conversation. Even when it comes to stuff pertaining to our own well-being,Continue reading “You don’t make a difference by judging; you make one by taking action”

Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!

Regardless of how old you are – you can make a difference. Every single day you are given an opportunity to do so. How are you using that privilege? Or do you hold the belief that it’s impossible for you to make a difference because you are too young or old? Your being too oldContinue reading “Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!”

Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!

“You cannot grow in isolation.” This is something I share with those I coach and that I’m learning for myself. It’s easy to stay out of sight, lie for days on end in your cocoon of choice, or if you prefer – with your head comfortably submerged in sand. You can try to run awayContinue reading “Finally Learning that I Don’t Need Permission!”

Would Anyone Miss You If You Suddenly Disappeared?

When the film-maker Carol Morley read that the skeleton of a young woman had been found in a London bedsit, she knew she had to find out more… My first contact with this story was a Facebook post “Do you know this woman? Her name is Joyce Carol Vincent. This is a British born womanContinue reading “Would Anyone Miss You If You Suddenly Disappeared?”

One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions

Early on in my career, I encountered many people who told me that I had a lot of potential. When I first heard this, I puffed my chest out and felt pretty good about myself. But then, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my life and I started to wonder about all thisContinue reading “One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions”

When a word keeps appearing over and over again – PAY ATTENTION!

Growing up we would hear stories about bad things happen in ‘threes’. So if someone had two bad experiences they would be on the lookout for bad experience number three, before the tides turned in their favor. What I want to share is something slightly different. I’ve observed that whenever I must pay attention toContinue reading “When a word keeps appearing over and over again – PAY ATTENTION!”