These 12 Words are All You Need to Understand How to be Successful

In the last couple of months I have been paring down to the essentials. I have cleaned out my inbox, and my files. This has helped declutter my mind in remarkable ways and I can now say that those things that I have written in my catchall mental inventory are all meaningful and valuable toContinue reading “These 12 Words are All You Need to Understand How to be Successful”

Is it Time to Quit Your Job?

The Quiz: Is It Time to Quit Your Job? was developed by Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder Writer She says… If you’re unhappy at your job and you have thoughts of shouting; I quit! Stop and think; such a drastic decision isn’t easy and shouldn’t be made in haste… So, how do you know when you’re just havingContinue reading “Is it Time to Quit Your Job?”

Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough

There comes a time in ones life when you have to start telling yourself the truth. All the things you keep SAYING you REALLY WANT – do you REALLY WANT them or have they become like lines in a familiar song that you repeat over and over because you’ve grown accustomed to hearing it enoughContinue reading “Saying That You REALLY WANT Something is Not Enough”

Why is it so Hard Sometimes to Make a Decision?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately…and I usually add at the end “especially when you know that the choice is going to benefit you positively?” Exercising is a no-brainer. Making better food choice…OBVIOUS. Spending more time in the areas that you SAY are important to you. That makes sense doesn’t it?Continue reading “Why is it so Hard Sometimes to Make a Decision?”