What is failure really?

Failure is one of those F words that we have grown to hate. Can you think of how many times you thought YOU were a failure? Perhaps you… Didn’t finish school Didn’t get that promotion Didn’t go on the vacation you promised the kids Didn’t follow through with your intentions Didn’t make the sales quotaContinue reading “What is failure really?”

Change is difficult – step or otherwise

There’s something to be said about persistence. There’s something to be said about having a good support system in place particularly when you embark on an unfamiliar journey. Kinda reminds me of the song “How Do You Keep The Music Playing” made popular by James Ingram and Patti Austin in the ’80s. “How do youContinue reading “Change is difficult – step or otherwise”

Time to make a step change…

In her own infinite wisdom, my best friend shared a concept with me that I think is about to change my life! We were simply discussing my own life and business and stuff I was working on. “You need to make a step change” she said quietly. “Step change?” I asked puzzled. Up until thenContinue reading “Time to make a step change…”