the effort from good to great gets easier when you’re aligned

What counts can often not be counted, and what is counted often doesn’t count. How do you measure progress, in your life, in your business? What are you counting? I started to think more deeply about this when I considered how much energy it takes to birth our dreams. After reading Maria Nemeth’s book, MasteringContinue reading “the effort from good to great gets easier when you’re aligned”

the hard work is the shortcut

We look for shortcuts like this all the time: Yet when pursuing mastery it’s often more than four simple steps. For anything I’ve ever had to master it involved: Practice Repetition Revision Iteration More practice Making mistakes Redoing Revising You get the picture. No straight lines. Always a learning curve. Some curves steeper than others.Continue reading “the hard work is the shortcut”

“There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…”

…so said Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille, choreographer of Oklahoma. I don’t think we grasp the magnitude of that statement “there is only one of you in all time…” yet it’s true. We take for granted our uniqueness. We don’t see it. We think we have nothing new to offer. It’s all been done beforeContinue reading ““There is ONLY ONE of You in all of Time…””

Money, Mastery and Meaning – Is it Possible to Get All Three in Your Lifetime?

After years of coaching high-achieving women, my friend and colleague Dr. Marcia Reynolds started noticing something troubling: many of her clients were jumping jobs regularly, defining and redefining their relationship with the marketplace, constantly questioning their roles. Dubbing her subjects “wander women,” Marcia found that what these women most wanted was to find peace ofContinue reading “Money, Mastery and Meaning – Is it Possible to Get All Three in Your Lifetime?”

Snap Out of Auto-Pilot – Re-Enter Your Business

“YOU possess a kind of inner force that seeks to guide you toward your Life’s Task — what you are meant to accomplish in the time that you have to live. In childhood this force was clear to you. It directed you toward activities and subjects that fit your natural inclinations — that sparked aContinue reading “Snap Out of Auto-Pilot – Re-Enter Your Business”

The magic ingredient for creating success

Give yourself the touch of gold! I have these instructions  printed out and pasted on the front of a book by Chet Holmes called “The Ultimate Sales Machine.” (Brilliant book – if you don’t have a copy – get it, and thank me later) – “The great ones in life are not those who areContinue reading “The magic ingredient for creating success”