The Power of Your Words

Sure we say…it’s just a joke…if I can’t laugh at myself sometimes then who am I? I’m just poor and polite You know me…underloved…underpaid Memes abound…what our bank accounts look like…our take home pay doesn’t take us home…we’re blowing our retirement money and going on a trip…should be back by lunchtime. Funny? Sure! But MayaContinue reading “The Power of Your Words”

The Time for AVERAGE is Over!

This is your time. This is your moment. Put your shoulders back. Hold your head up high. Walk with confidence. Winning is in your DNA, and it’s about to come out in a greater way. You may have had some victories in the past, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Do you believe that winningContinue reading “The Time for AVERAGE is Over!”

The Narrative we have in Our Heads Vs. Who We REALLY Are

Everyone likes a good story. According to experts, 99% of all stories ever told can be categorized into seven basic plots: Underdog, Quest, Journey/Return, Rags to Riches, Comedy, Tragedy, and Rebirth. I recently discovered my primary storytelling type. If you want to discover yours, you can find out here at the Story Bistro, run byContinue reading “The Narrative we have in Our Heads Vs. Who We REALLY Are”

It Takes More than Passion to Succeed

Follow your passion is bad advice. So says Cal Newport, Ph.D., a 30 something year-old and assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. Yet many of us feel badly because we don’t know what our passion is. First we have to find it and THEN we can follow it! Makes sense, somewhat but it doesn’tContinue reading “It Takes More than Passion to Succeed”

How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?

PURE, delightful, randomness…I sat in front of the television to eat my breakfast and happened on An Apology to Elephants – a documentary on National Geographic. The film is an unabashed polemic, calling for improved treatment of elephants in zoos and an end to the use of the animals as entertainment, which the film contendsContinue reading “How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?”

The Label of “Dumb” – What Does it Mean Exactly?

Or loser for that matter.Or any other labels that we choose to heap on the shoulders of our fellow citizens who may not catch on as quickly or who despite our own best efforts are not “getting it” or catching on fast enough. I remember hearing Les Brown say that when he was in theContinue reading “The Label of “Dumb” – What Does it Mean Exactly?”

If you teach – You have to live your teaching

Have you ever received information that knocked the wind out of you – left you feeling a little discouraged – perhaps jaded? And almost as if there were two of you – you hear one voice wanting to react in one way and the other wanting to do what is the RIGHT thing for you?Continue reading “If you teach – You have to live your teaching”

Cheesy First Firsts…

First of the First month. First Firsts. Thoughts about how this year is going to unfold. Walter Anderson says “I am responsibile. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude towards the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond toContinue reading “Cheesy First Firsts…”