Sprinkles Are For Winners

I love this advertisement. Every time I see it I always laugh BUT it also serves as a gentle reminder that I should not just settle for good if I could do better! The vast majority of us today rarely achieve better than mediocrity.  We would all love to be wildly successful yet 80% ofContinue reading “Sprinkles Are For Winners”

We Need to Stop Settling!

In a recent O Magazine article I saw a quote by Iyanla Vanzant and jotted it down in my journal When we believe we cannot have what we desire, when we lack faith in ourselves and in the goodness of life, we settle for less. We decide that whatever is in front of us isContinue reading “We Need to Stop Settling!”

Mediocrity is a Killer. Don’t Settle for it!

A young male on a game site player forum recently posted “So up until now like every other child ever, I thought I was special or had the potential of climbing to the top. But as inevitable as the tides everyone must eventually grow up to realize that, there is nothing you truly excel atContinue reading “Mediocrity is a Killer. Don’t Settle for it!”