How are you dealing with the financial stress that accompanied COVID 19?

True power in this world comes from economic independence. Way before COVID-19, too many people in Trinidad and Tobago had way too much month left at the end of their money. I suspect that since COVID-19 this situation has gotten worse. This Pandemic Recession, as it is now being referred to, has caused quite theContinue reading “How are you dealing with the financial stress that accompanied COVID 19?”

Unblock and Unlock

I’m reading Eric Liu’s ‘Guiding Lights’ at the moment. It’s about the people who lead us to our purpose in life – which I think is actually MY purpose. Not to TELL you WHAT your purpose is but to help you discover it – discover yourself, your gifts. Only when you are YOU will youContinue reading “Unblock and Unlock”

Is There Room for Poetry in Business?

Where do you search for new business ideas? Business books perhaps? Where do you seek inspiration? Why from other successful business persons of course! “Being in business is a serious thing” you say. But what if we are taking business and ourselves far too seriously? What if we are closing off ourselves to answers thatContinue reading “Is There Room for Poetry in Business?”