Why discipline is not sustainable, and habits are your friend

Are you getting your to-do’s done? Or are you mired in minutiae? Do you have a growing secondary list where things never seem to come off it, and more is being added on? We think we need discipline to stick with programs, lose weight etc. But we need habit. A habit is wired into yourContinue reading “Why discipline is not sustainable, and habits are your friend”

Talent and Promise Won’t Get You Results Without This…

What makes a great performance great? Have you ever been told that you hold so much promise? That you have a lot of potential? When you hear that, how do you feel? In my own life I was tired of hearing it because nothing seemed to change as the days and subsequent years sailed by.Continue reading “Talent and Promise Won’t Get You Results Without This…”

You’re Either Consistent or Non-Existent

This phrase appeared on my radar while listening to a CD by Mike Litman called ‘Greatness Held Hostage’. If you’ve ever listened to anything by Mike, you know you will remember something! He is ‘Mr. Enthusiastic’ and was once described as a modern day Napoleon Hill. So when Mike said ‘You’re either consistent or non-existent’Continue reading “You’re Either Consistent or Non-Existent”