“Carrying the Curry”

Every day about 5,000 dabbawalas, or lunch box people, deliver nearly a quarter-million home-cooked lunches around Mumbai, India…a city of seventeen million people…at a high speed and WITHOUT ERROR! What’s their secret? Their mission is simple – serve their customers accurately and on time, every time. Their value proposition – to bring a fresh, home-cookedContinue reading ““Carrying the Curry””

You’ve Got to be YOU if you’re Going to Succeed

For some reason, the song “I’ve Got to Be Me” by Sammy Davis Jr. and recently made popular by the cast of Glee, came to mind. All I could remember of the song was “I’ve got to be me…” What that meant to me then as a child, I have no clue. But the feelingContinue reading “You’ve Got to be YOU if you’re Going to Succeed”

How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?

This is not an article about the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago although music will be mentioned a number of times. It’s not about the song by James Ingram either but I will make reference to the lyrics. It is, though, about you and me, our talents, our strengths, the promotion of the twoContinue reading “How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?”