How to reopen the economy: Do we optimize to save lives or save livelihoods?

In a very general sense, we all feel that this too shall pass. Yet unlike the dot com bubble burst in 2001, and the recession of 2008, Covid-19 has us facing one of the worst times in the history of our lives. Many companies are trying to figure out what to do. Projects and campaignsContinue reading “How to reopen the economy: Do we optimize to save lives or save livelihoods?”

Why Do You Go to Work?

I can’t tell you the last time I heard someone tell me that they loved their job. Fewer still share that they like what they do. In fact it seems that most people consider it normal to be unhappy at work. Writer and Speaker Luc Reid observes, “The idea seems to be that you haveContinue reading “Why Do You Go to Work?”

Money, Mastery and Meaning – Is it Possible to Get All Three in Your Lifetime?

After years of coaching high-achieving women, my friend and colleague Dr. Marcia Reynolds started noticing something troubling: many of her clients were jumping jobs regularly, defining and redefining their relationship with the marketplace, constantly questioning their roles. Dubbing her subjects “wander women,” Marcia found that what these women most wanted was to find peace ofContinue reading “Money, Mastery and Meaning – Is it Possible to Get All Three in Your Lifetime?”

What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Making More Money?

If you have a relationship with nothing else in the physical world, you will have a relationship with money. Go through the day and notice how almost every moment of every day is intimately connected with either the getting or spending of money. In her book “The Energy of Money Dr. Maria Nemeth shares “MoneyContinue reading “What Do You Believe Stands Between You And Making More Money?”

Money is Sacred

Read this in a blog post this morning and I realized that it wasn’t sitting well. Money is sacred. I kept repeating it. There seemed to be no space in my psyche holding this thought. Money has been associated with so many bad stories… People living their lives for money – who’d do anything forContinue reading “Money is Sacred”

Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?

As published in my weekly column in today’s Business Newsday Money, as the basis of any discussion brings up queasiness. MONEY – It can be uncomfortable, unnerving and downright sticky for some! But if you’re in business you are going to have to get comfortable with money. You have to tell people what things cost,Continue reading “Are You Suffering From Wealth Inhibition?”

The Power isn’t in the Money…

Radix Malorum est Cupiditas – The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money doesn’t grow on trees If I just had more money I would… It’s sad that so much faith is put in money. We think about money ALL the time. Getting more. Getting by. Getting out of debt. Winning theContinue reading “The Power isn’t in the Money…”

If you can see it, then you start to feel it…

  There is a beautiful song by Tuck and Patti called Dream that I loved the first time I ever heard it. It’s all about turning our dreams into reality and so there is a part in the song that gives instructions as to how to do that… If you can see it Then youContinue reading “If you can see it, then you start to feel it…”

Preparing Yourself for ‘The Shift’ when Facing a Crossroad

You are standing at a crossroads in your life — again! You’re not quite sure how you got here and you’re definitely not sure which way to go or how to get to “there” — wherever “there” is. Life has an amazing way of bringing us repeatedly to this place of confusion and dis-satisfaction. It’sContinue reading “Preparing Yourself for ‘The Shift’ when Facing a Crossroad”

Expected Pain vs. Unwelcome Pain

Today I was certain which came first. First I had the egg and then a couple of hours later – pain reared its head – searing blinding pain. I didn’t know if I was going or coming. Every time I thought “OK, it’s over” a new wave of pain ensued. Of course when I setContinue reading “Expected Pain vs. Unwelcome Pain”