The Royal Historian of Oz Illustrates the Power of Focus

Found myself the most wonderful present: The Classic 1900 Edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum with Pictures by W.W. Denslow. Lyman Frank Baum was 44 years old in the fall of 1900 when the book went on sale. He had quite a bit going on: newspaper reporter in New York,Continue reading “The Royal Historian of Oz Illustrates the Power of Focus”

The Power of Connection

We are so uber-connected these days. Technology provides us with so many self serve options that we seem to be connecting to each other less and less. I was talking with a massage therapist who recently took a “Compassionate Touch” course focused on hands-on care for those in later life stages. Some folks showed earlyContinue reading “The Power of Connection”