How are you telling YOUR story?

Brene Brown says that if we OWN the story we can write the ending. Jardin has just started a new chapter. Yesterday Jardin reopened after three months of dismantling, breaking down, re-visioning and rebuilding. I walked through the door and was in awe. There was no grand opening, just business as usual…friends huddled together overContinue reading “How are you telling YOUR story?”

You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…

We yearn for something better…our heart knows what we desire…yet we are scared to put down what we know no longer works. We stand in front of the door of “next”…new beginnings…a different way of being…hands full of STUFF! We’re afraid to admit that this load has become too heavy to bear so we feelContinue reading “You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…”