How is this Going to Affect Me?

We always have a choice in how we are going to respond to any situation. Yesterday I was thrown off my game because I chose to be rattled by a text in the morning and I let it consume me for a couple of hours: I discussed it with 3 friends and commiserated with myContinue reading “How is this Going to Affect Me?”

Are You Down in the Weeds or Up in the Trees?

Came across this question this morning, in an e-book I downloaded to my kindle last night called Time Management 2.0 by H. Reardon and C. Kane. Got me thinking about how I spend time on stuff that has nothing to do with the things I need to be focusing on. It really doesn’t matter howContinue reading “Are You Down in the Weeds or Up in the Trees?”

Live Like You Were Dying

I’m almost 47 years old and happy to be still here! As human beings we all have that aspect of ourselves of which we might be ashamed – It might be our heritage, that we were born illegitimately, or something else frowned upon by society – the “THEY” in our lives – What will THEYContinue reading “Live Like You Were Dying”