When You Feel As if There’s Nothing Left…There’s More

I’m beginning to understand what I have heard countless wise individuals share in articles and talks…that you should never wait on inspiration or motivation…that you should just begin. I wrote a couple days ago about the ten minute hack which you can read here but he was talking about at the start of the day, whenContinue reading “When You Feel As if There’s Nothing Left…There’s More”

The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story

We LOVE a good story. Storytelling gets our attention. We are programmed if we only get the beginning and the middle to desperately want to know the end. That’s why soap operas and popular television series leave us after each episode with an incomplete storyline that will force us to tune in next time andContinue reading “The “Easily Shared” Narrative May not be the REAL Story”

It’s Never Too Late to Change

If you were illiterate at 98 would you consider learning to read? I could hear the Trini response now: “What?! Yuh on yuh way out!” Well George Dawson inspired me – after hearing about him today on Oprah. He learned to read at 98 and published a book at 102. He died at 105. WhatContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late to Change”

Is it Time for you to Quit?

The locker room slogan – “Winners never quit and quitters never win” was made popular by Vince Lombardi – legendary football figure best known as the Head Coach for the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s. Lombardi believed that a team mentally prepared could not be beaten. Winning was a habit and so was losing.Continue reading “Is it Time for you to Quit?”

Dare to Live Outside the Box!

As published in the Express Woman Magazine October 17th 2010 as part of the Women In Leadership Series where Giselle Hudson and Dr. Marcia Reynolds explore the barriers that are still in the workplace and the world at large and help women confront their inner demons before they can find the peace they desperately seek. IfContinue reading “Dare to Live Outside the Box!”

Igniting the Spirit

Some of the best Oprah shows have been the ones when she gives away “wildest dream” gifts. Not because of the gifts themselves although the gifts are always great. But because I often think about how locked in I am emotionally when the giving takes place. How deeply I feel the power of the moment.Continue reading “Igniting the Spirit”