Lost Control of Your Life? Here’s How to Get it Back!

1) Who decides how you feel at any given moment? 2) Who decides what you do with your time? 3) Who has the most say about your career? 4) Who prods you about how you’re raising your children or perhaps the decisions you’re making regarding their future? 5) Who makes the decisions regarding your finances?Continue reading “Lost Control of Your Life? Here’s How to Get it Back!”

The Burden of Greatness

When artists create masterpieces and bestsellers, they feel an unrealistic expectation to repeat the miraculous. The same is true for many high-achieving women. This obsessive pursuit can lead to great accomplishments. It can also lead to frustration, exhaustion and a disconnection from ourselves and our emotions. No doubt this has an effect on our relationshipsContinue reading “The Burden of Greatness”