Entrepreneur by Day – Single Mom 24/7

Although we have no pictures to show for it, Lyselle remembers having a passion for dogs as a baby in pampers! When I first met Lyselle, she was jobless and in need of some direction. Her mom had cut out one of my Business Newsday columns and given it to her. Lyselle gave me aContinue reading “Entrepreneur by Day – Single Mom 24/7”

One of the biggest diseases of our time

I wanted to share a quote from Debbie Forde. Debbie died on Sunday February 17, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. One of the biggest diseases of our time is people pleasing. People saying ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no.’ Then they feel resentful. They can’t actually go about and meet their own soul’s vision because they’reContinue reading “One of the biggest diseases of our time”

You are “ENOUGH”

How does that statement make you feel? Comfortable? Doubtful? Anxious? In my walk through life I’ve met many people who don’t feel adequate. They pursue additional degrees, take extra courses, and enlist to participate in product trials and experiments, all with a view to improving themselves; to make themselves more worthy, more deserving, more attractive. AfterContinue reading “You are “ENOUGH””