Climbing one mountain always exposes another peak

“Life is an uphill battle”, I’m sure is a phrase that you’ve heard or said yourself countless times. Life can feel tough at times. Like now. COVID 19 has changed everything. It seems that we are facing more challenges like never before. Just when it appears as if everything is under control – less peopleContinue reading “Climbing one mountain always exposes another peak”

Perhaps it’s time to stop doing that sh*t!

I’m not going to wait till I’m ready, or it’s perfect. I’m writing, whenever I’m inspired to do so and it’s “OK” if you think me self indulgent. Gosh, so much editing in my past has finally caught up with me. My hand tremor has moved from a 2 to an 8 on the anxietyContinue reading “Perhaps it’s time to stop doing that sh*t!”

Is This the Life You Want to Lead?

Contemplating whether she should leave her job, one woman’s friend told her: “If the best part of your life is escaping it, you have a problem!” In the August 2018 issue of OWN Magazine, there’s this question: What’s to stop you from living with zest and zeal and showing the world the authentic you? AndContinue reading “Is This the Life You Want to Lead?”

Are You Willing to be Completely at Peace with How Things are Right Now in your Life?

I’m currently reading ‘The Dance’ by Oriah Mountain Dreamer but this is not a book that I’m reading in chapter order. Instead I’ve been letting a Higher Power guide me  – opening the book randomly – and reading whatever is being offered in that moment. Today’s reading started with the question above. I opened theContinue reading “Are You Willing to be Completely at Peace with How Things are Right Now in your Life?”

Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!

We regard hell as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering but I am convinced that we create our own “hell” on a daily basis, when we refuse to start things and when we leave the things we start – unfinished. ‘Not finishing’ is perhaps going to be another column but for today I’m focusedContinue reading “Start Where You Are, But By All Means…START!”

How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?

PURE, delightful, randomness…I sat in front of the television to eat my breakfast and happened on An Apology to Elephants – a documentary on National Geographic. The film is an unabashed polemic, calling for improved treatment of elephants in zoos and an end to the use of the animals as entertainment, which the film contendsContinue reading “How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?”

Guess What? You’re not perfect.

As published in the Woman Express – Sunday Express Magazine, Trinidad and Tobago on April 8th 2012 Feel relieved? Someone needs to remind us right? Yet how often do we measure ourselves against some perfect life that we could never attain? Think. How many ‘shoulds’ are floating around in your head right now? Let meContinue reading “Guess What? You’re not perfect.”