It’s OK to Hate Your Job

Go ahead…say it…”I HATE my job!” Good. You’ve got that off your chest. Now…how do you feel? Nothing much has changed has it? Hating your job with a passion is not just going to be enough. What do you intend to DO about it? “I’m going to complain to anyone who’d listen.” How is thatContinue reading “It’s OK to Hate Your Job”

A Face to Face Visit With Confidence

Many years ago, I visited my optometrist to have my glasses adjusted. The woman who usually helped me was attending to another customer. Reluctantly I shared my reason for being there with an obviously new employee. The way she took my spectacles from me, made me uneasy but I chalked that up to me notContinue reading “A Face to Face Visit With Confidence”

You’re Either Consistent or Non-Existent

This phrase appeared on my radar while listening to a CD by Mike Litman called ‘Greatness Held Hostage’. If you’ve ever listened to anything by Mike, you know you will remember something! He is ‘Mr. Enthusiastic’ and was once described as a modern day Napoleon Hill. So when Mike said ‘You’re either consistent or non-existent’Continue reading “You’re Either Consistent or Non-Existent”