As business owners we say we have faith yet never ask for what we want

Whenever a solopreneur or business owner reaches out to me, they can usually list all the things that are not working for them. Their website isn’t working They are wasting time on social media They need help with customer service They are not sure what to do next They are not making enough money Interestingly,Continue reading “As business owners we say we have faith yet never ask for what we want”

Don’t stop trying in trying times

The late and beloved rabbi of famed Temple of Shalom in Chicago, Louis Binstock said that often it is not the wrong start but the wrong stop that makes the difference between success and failure. To quit while we’re ahead would be silly; to quit when we’re behind is even sillier. It requires will toContinue reading “Don’t stop trying in trying times”

You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…

We yearn for something better…our heart knows what we desire…yet we are scared to put down what we know no longer works. We stand in front of the door of “next”…new beginnings…a different way of being…hands full of STUFF! We’re afraid to admit that this load has become too heavy to bear so we feelContinue reading “You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…”

The Labyrinth Called Life

I wrote this piece in my journal on February 1st 2016, and decided to share. I started that day feeling “bummy” but once I worked my way through my feelings, I realized the importance of writing stuff down and getting it out of your system. It unclogs your creative arteries allowing helpful thoughts to flow freely again.Continue reading “The Labyrinth Called Life”

Don’t Tighten Your Belt…Expand Your Mind

I recently started a new business. I did not start it out of a necessity to make more money but I will. However I realized that I possess many gifts which I neither use nor leverage and that’s insulting to Infinite Intelligence. In 2016 I intend to use ALL my gifts to sow more love, to giveContinue reading “Don’t Tighten Your Belt…Expand Your Mind”

Curiosity Killed the Cat…

…is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. A less frequently-seen rejoinder to “curiosity killed the cat” is “, but satisfaction brought it back”. Hannah G’s explanation of the meaning of this proverb is basically that your curiosity can get you in a lot of trouble and lots of otherContinue reading “Curiosity Killed the Cat…”

Be More of This for 2015 and Watch as New Doors Open Up for You!

We’ve all been cynical at one point or other in our lives. We’ve all had to: Fight the ‘been there” “done that” and “I can explain that in ten seconds if you let me” tendency that comes with having lived a while. Battle the “I don’t think I’m going to trust anyone again” impulse afterContinue reading “Be More of This for 2015 and Watch as New Doors Open Up for You!”

Organize Your Choices Strategically to Create what you Want

Sometimes it’s easy for us to say “I have no choice…”which (according to Robert Fritz, author of ‘The Path of Least Resistance’) is one of the ways that people avoid or undermine effective choice by losing the potential power of choice – yet choices abound. Even if you don’t SEE the choice – it’s there.Continue reading “Organize Your Choices Strategically to Create what you Want”

Why is Finding Your Voice So VERY Important?

‘Fake it till you make it’ is a phrase that has caused considerable damage to many professionals whose goal in life is to do well and succeed. I think mainly because of its interpretation. Ann Smarty, SEO expert sheds some light on the genesis of this phrase: “Confidence has a large effect on performance. InContinue reading “Why is Finding Your Voice So VERY Important?”

Make Today Count

In his book, The Positive Principle Today, writer Norman Vincent Peale recounts the story of Orville Kelly, a newspaperman from Iowa, who went to the hospital at the age of 43 for an examination and was told he had terminal cancer. Of course, he was stunned by this devastating news, as was his wife, Wanda.Continue reading “Make Today Count”