We All Have a Piece of Good News Inside Us

For her 13th birthday on the 12 of June 1942, Anne Frank received a book she had shown her father in a shop window a few days earlier. Although it was an autograph book, bound with red-and-white checkered cloth and with a small lock on the front, Frank decided she would use it as aContinue reading “We All Have a Piece of Good News Inside Us”

Are You Down in the Weeds or Up in the Trees?

Came across this question this morning, in an e-book I downloaded to my kindle last night called Time Management 2.0 by H. Reardon and C. Kane. Got me thinking about how I spend time on stuff that has nothing to do with the things I need to be focusing on. It really doesn’t matter howContinue reading “Are You Down in the Weeds or Up in the Trees?”

One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions

Early on in my career, I encountered many people who told me that I had a lot of potential. When I first heard this, I puffed my chest out and felt pretty good about myself. But then, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my life and I started to wonder about all thisContinue reading “One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions”

You Haven’t Opened All Your Gifts Yet!

I pluck inspiration from various places…I open books randomly…read whatever paragraph my finger points to and determine how I can apply what I’ve read to my life. I saw this suggestion recently from Paul Myers and tried it a few times. It’s like a mini adventure: “Take any two books off your shelf at random.Continue reading “You Haven’t Opened All Your Gifts Yet!”

Why is Finding Your Voice So VERY Important?

‘Fake it till you make it’ is a phrase that has caused considerable damage to many professionals whose goal in life is to do well and succeed. I think mainly because of its interpretation. Ann Smarty, SEO expert sheds some light on the genesis of this phrase: “Confidence has a large effect on performance. InContinue reading “Why is Finding Your Voice So VERY Important?”

Why is BEING AUTHENTIC so important?

Today was my first radio show for the year on Heartbeat radio, with host Marcia Miranda. The theme for this year’s series of programs is AUTHENTICITY. Webster’s dictionary defines authenticity as “worthy of acceptance or true to one’s own personality, spirit or character.” Are you being authentic? This is a question I actually have onContinue reading “Why is BEING AUTHENTIC so important?”

Can You See the Whole Sky?

We think too small – like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view. – Mao Tse-Tung Stretch. Stimulate your mind. Associate with people who have new ideas – new approaches.Continue reading “Can You See the Whole Sky?”

Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics

For many years I have been trying to find reasons why someone with obvious potential for greatness wastes their life and someone who, by society’s standards, was least likely to succeed, creates monumental success for themselves. Having said that, potential is a word that I disliked. Only because I’d heard it so much in myContinue reading “Beware of ‘Word’ Narcotics”

A fishy lesson in growth

The growth of tropical fish is limited to the size of the aquarium Just like these fish, so are we affected by our environment. Are your current circumstances helping you grow? Do you find you are struggling to reach your potential? If your current circumstances don’t support you then you need to create an environmentContinue reading “A fishy lesson in growth”

Some interesting “truths” – no one is exempt :)

People love to use the phrase ‘the truth shall set you free’ especially if they’re trying to get some juicy gossip out of you :). And for more serious matters they might use as a warning -‘what’s done in darkness WILL come to light!’ (Be very afraid…) Many of us are not as truthful asContinue reading “Some interesting “truths” – no one is exempt :)”