How to Tap into the Treasure that Lies Within

How do you convey messages to your subconscious mind and tap into your own acre of diamonds? In this post, I identified three things that need to be present in order for you to begin to tap into your power: You need to remain open and curious You must know WHAT you want You must discoverContinue reading “How to Tap into the Treasure that Lies Within”

How You Work may be Working Against You

In my column today I want to look at how we work through the lens of productivity and that of procrastination. While procrastinators are well aware that this habit is working against them, those of us who are busy all the time and seemingly productive may not see their way of working as working againstContinue reading “How You Work may be Working Against You”

What are you practicing?

We are always practicing something. Got this idea from Susan Scott author of Fierce Leadership. Walking daily is a practice. So is watching TV. Getting up early is a practice. So is drinking tea every morning. Whatever we practice becomes habitual. Susan advises that taking a look at our practices from time to time willContinue reading “What are you practicing?”

Never Apologize (in this context)…

I’m reading Julia Child’s “My Life in France” with Alex Prud’homme. At a recent business event, I got up to make a comment. With my sore throat, I first apologized because my voice was hoarse. On getting back to my table, this woman who I had only met that morning said to me – “WhatContinue reading “Never Apologize (in this context)…”

The World According to Garp et al

Not because it works for you makes it right! I’m struggling with this right now – my world – the world according to Giselle. Isn’t that how it is for most of us? Our frame of reference, beliefs, conditionings over long stretches of time create what we call our truth and we lock into andContinue reading “The World According to Garp et al”

The practice of possibility and the possibilities through practice

That’s impossible! How often does that phrase show up in our daily lives? Even if we are not actually saying it – if we were truthful – we think it – A LOT! “I could never get THAT job” “I could never write like THAT” “I could never learn to play the guitar like THATContinue reading “The practice of possibility and the possibilities through practice”