No Integrity – No Prosperity

In today’s material driven world, we’ve grown to think that a little lying, a little shading of the truth is okay. It’s acceptable. So sales people are trained to not tell the whole truth but lie just enough to close the deal. To not be totally upfront with customers about the REAL shipment date andContinue reading “No Integrity – No Prosperity”

Stop Telling Yourself “It’s because you don’t have the money…”

A lack of money seems to be the reason most people give for not having, not doing and not becoming better, smarter or further ahead in life. “If I just had more money I would…” We all have a response that we could plug in there. But is it really about money? I had theContinue reading “Stop Telling Yourself “It’s because you don’t have the money…””

Preparing Yourself for ‘The Shift’ when Facing a Crossroad

You are standing at a crossroads in your life — again! You’re not quite sure how you got here and you’re definitely not sure which way to go or how to get to “there” — wherever “there” is. Life has an amazing way of bringing us repeatedly to this place of confusion and dis-satisfaction. It’sContinue reading “Preparing Yourself for ‘The Shift’ when Facing a Crossroad”