Do your skills mesh with your unique spirit and purpose?

A couple weeks ago I was chatting with a client, and we were discussing the effects of the COVID lockdown. Apart from social separation, the isolation forced many of us to face up to ourselves. We could no longer drown ourselves in “busy” work or distract ourselves by going out socially. But did we reallyContinue reading “Do your skills mesh with your unique spirit and purpose?”

do you agree that frustration is a sign you haven’t given up?

You would not be frustrated if whatever you’re doing didn’t matter to you. You are frustrated because some thing is not working in a way that you imagined it to work. Often we remain so close to an issue that we are unable to see the forest from the trees. We are so wedded toContinue reading “do you agree that frustration is a sign you haven’t given up?”

where are you selling yourself short?

You may have been brushing over this question for a long time. Even if you haven’t put it into words to form the question, you have had a feeling…a knowing…that all is not right in your world. On the outside, you look OK and feel OK but you know that you are not OK. YouContinue reading “where are you selling yourself short?”

Caught my eye…

Do you think you need permission to succeed? We admire folks whose names we see in neon lights. We celebrate bestselling authors, athletes, chefs, ninja warriors, ordinary people showcased doing extraordinary things…yet we fail to picture ourselves as successful. Countless people have asked me some version of – “How do I find my purpose, andContinue reading “Caught my eye…”

Developing a Model that Works for You

It’s Carnival time again here in Trinidad and Tobag!. Lot’s of liming, plenty feteing, eating and drinking – at least for those of us on the receiving end of the music and the food! 🙂 For the artists, performers and musicians it’s a narrow window within which they need to make the most money thatContinue reading “Developing a Model that Works for You”

What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?

If you had the resources to accomplish something great in the world, what would you do? I came across that question in a Strategy and Business article with a title that sucked me in: 40 Chances to Realize Your Goals by Susan Cramm, leadership coach and author. Goal setting and goal achieving have always beenContinue reading “What Are You Going to Do With the Chances You Have Left?”

Mediocrity is a Killer. Don’t Settle for it!

A young male on a game site player forum recently posted “So up until now like every other child ever, I thought I was special or had the potential of climbing to the top. But as inevitable as the tides everyone must eventually grow up to realize that, there is nothing you truly excel atContinue reading “Mediocrity is a Killer. Don’t Settle for it!”

Everyday we need to remember WHO WE ARE and what are our intentions

About one week ago, I put together a manifesto to be referred to daily. On page 1 I described: my purpose – to show entrepreneurs that LIFE and BUSINESS can be BETTER and better than they’ve come to expect; that they can overcome under-earning and create a business that aligns with WHO they are andContinue reading “Everyday we need to remember WHO WE ARE and what are our intentions”

What is Your Amazing Unfathomable Gift?

THE quest to find one’s purpose is exhausting. I know because for a long time I was not only exhausted but frustrated trying to find mine. It seemed everyone else on planet earth had found theirs except me. But then as I talked to more and more people, I realized that I had PLENTY company. In lookingContinue reading “What is Your Amazing Unfathomable Gift?”

You’ve Got to be YOU if you’re Going to Succeed

For some reason, the song “I’ve Got to Be Me” by Sammy Davis Jr. and recently made popular by the cast of Glee, came to mind. All I could remember of the song was “I’ve got to be me…” What that meant to me then as a child, I have no clue. But the feelingContinue reading “You’ve Got to be YOU if you’re Going to Succeed”