Questions might be the Answer

Speaking with Olasope Oyelaran, a linguist from Nigeria, Mark Nepo author of the No. 1 New York Times Bestseller The Book of Awakening learned that there were 7,000 living languages that we know of on Earth. Following that discussion Mark contemplated that if there are at least seven thousand ways to speak, there are atContinue reading “Questions might be the Answer”

What Have You Done Right Today?

I recently started reading “The Thin Book 2” by Jeane Eddy Westin. The title of the book is misleading because although its focus is weight loss – I have found life-wide application. The entry for January 8th reads: Don’t ask yourself the Wrong Questions. I’ve heard Tony Robbins say it like this – Ask aContinue reading “What Have You Done Right Today?”

Only Ask the Question if you REALLY are Ready for the Answer…

Just had an interesting exchange with a security guard in Port of Spain. I parked adjacent to this building, let into the lot by someone who was on their way out. Only after did I realize that people parking on this side would have remote controls for the gate. As I was leaving I walkedContinue reading “Only Ask the Question if you REALLY are Ready for the Answer…”

From Affirmations to Afformations

It was the charismatic Tony Robbins that I heard say on an audio tape years ago “Ask a lousy question, you’ll get a lousy answer.” On a trip to NYC in 1997  I saw this little book at Barnes and Noble by Robbins called “Giant Steps – Small Changes to Make a Big Difference –Continue reading “From Affirmations to Afformations”