Turn words into work

When he was in second grade, Harry Truman came down with a rare bacterial infection that paralyzed his arms and legs. The boy who could hardly stand to be indoors was suddenly and helplessly bedridden. “That’s when he started reading,” Truman’s sister recalled. “He couldn’t do anything else.” He read so much that when, miraculouslyContinue reading “Turn words into work”

Seeking Wisdom

I love to read. I love books. I underline in them (using a ruler so “yes” I’m anal). I make notes in my journal. I get article ideas and I feed on those ideas I never thought about myself. I learn new words ALL THE TIME and I learn them in context. Lately I’m notContinue reading “Seeking Wisdom”

Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Need

There was a time when I could sit for hours reading. I would finish a 200 plus page book in about 2 days. I felt centred, connected, in touch with the Universe. Whatever I read I understood immediately. I would underline; make notes; everything made sense. And then I developed this compulsion to constantly check toContinue reading “Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Need”

Naked Honesty

a.k.a the BARE truth Just started reading The Culture Game by Dan Mezic. Rob Richman gives an intro. Loved how he explained what happens when we are more committed to staying as we are versus making THE CHANGE: “My favorite book on personal organization is Getting Things Done by David Allen. And let me tellContinue reading “Naked Honesty”

The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN

My cousin’s oldest daughter does not read anything except that which she must! She is 14. Knowing that I am an avid reader, on a recent trip Trinidad, my cousin asked me to have a chat with her about her dislike for reading. Now I learned long ago from Dale Carnegie – that a manContinue reading “The Importance of Reading and Keeping Your Mind OPEN”

Want change? Get support!

You’ve made the decision that you not only should change – you MUST! You know it’s in your best interest to make the adjustment or in some cases a complete transformation. Logically – it all makes sense and so you set out on your change journey only to find yourself back at square one justContinue reading “Want change? Get support!”

Meeting Ben…

I met Ben Zander last Tuesday night. Not in the flesh but through his words in “The Art of Possibility” a book that he collaborated on with his wife Rosamund Stone Zander. Books are precious. They hold all these thoughts and ideas, painting new pictures in our minds and helping us sometimes to re-frame situationsContinue reading “Meeting Ben…”

Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners

For decades, authors have studied the characteristics of great leaders in every field. While volumes have been written on the common strengths of front-runners worldwide, most of the emphasis has been placed on the same dozen or so attributes that authors feel readers want to hear about. One distinguishing quality of all great leaders isContinue reading “Leaders are Readers – Learners are Earners”