Are You Paying Attention?

Or are you operating on auto-pilot? Have you noticed that were it not for one area of your life – finances, weight, relationships, career etc. – you’d be OK? It’s like you think “Once I get this area under control – I’ll be fine.” In reality – what really happens? It seems that the minuteContinue reading “Are You Paying Attention?”

How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?

This is not an article about the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago although music will be mentioned a number of times. It’s not about the song by James Ingram either but I will make reference to the lyrics. It is, though, about you and me, our talents, our strengths, the promotion of the twoContinue reading “How Do You Keep Your ‘Music’ Playing?”

Surround Yourself with People who GIVE energy not DRAIN!

Read a great post yesterday by Sonia Simone , Senior Editor of Copyblogger, CMO of Copyblogger Media, and founder of Remarkable Communication. My takeaway was simply “My problem is never a time management problem – it’s an energy management one.”s I am an intuitive empath. I am attuned to people’s feelings positive and negative, andContinue reading “Surround Yourself with People who GIVE energy not DRAIN!”