Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!

Regardless of how old you are – you can make a difference. Every single day you are given an opportunity to do so. How are you using that privilege? Or do you hold the belief that it’s impossible for you to make a difference because you are too young or old? Your being too oldContinue reading “Whether You’re 22 or 82 – Quit Holding Your Greatness Hostage!”

A Bank That Found Its Voice

I first came across the Cow Pasture Bank while reading ‘I Inherited a Fortune’  by Paul J. Meyer. If you’re like me the words cow, pasture and bank don’t seem to meld AT ALL but believe me this was the bank’s name. Really The First State Bank of Rio Vista it was referred to as “TheContinue reading “A Bank That Found Its Voice”