You Are the President of Your Own Personal Services Business

This is the message I want to give to my plumber, electrician, painter, and ANYONE who is struggling and thinking that what they do is not important or doesn’t pay enough. Whether you are an electrician, a doctor, a lawyer, a plumber, a consultant or a “grass cutter”- the going rate seems to start atContinue reading “You Are the President of Your Own Personal Services Business”

How the Language of Ownership Affects Your Results

Language matters. The words we choose to use frame our understanding and set the tone and foundation for how we see ourselves and how we view our world. Often the words we use are a product of our environment, and we repeat what others around us say without giving it much thought. But I thinkContinue reading “How the Language of Ownership Affects Your Results”

How Does “Head Trash” Impact Your Personal and Business Performance?

We have access today to more “how to” information than ever before: how to fire employees effectively, how to make yourself a more effective leader, how to coach employees toward success, how to be a better salesperson and how to become happier and generally more dynamic. In most cases the author has found a methodologyContinue reading “How Does “Head Trash” Impact Your Personal and Business Performance?”

Don’t GIVE UP…’Change Up’

Everyone seems to know the definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over expecting a different outcome. Most attribute the quote to Einstein but this is not correct. It started out in AA and NA circles, and was first published in 1983 in a book by Rita Mae Brown at least accordingContinue reading “Don’t GIVE UP…’Change Up’”

How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?

PURE, delightful, randomness…I sat in front of the television to eat my breakfast and happened on An Apology to Elephants – a documentary on National Geographic. The film is an unabashed polemic, calling for improved treatment of elephants in zoos and an end to the use of the animals as entertainment, which the film contendsContinue reading “How do you break the chains of perfection imprisonment?”