The Real Story of How Good Ideas Become Great Businesses

The archetype of the solo genius is so pervasive in the way people talk about and think about extraordinary success that it obscures the real story of how good ideas become great businesses. – The Self Made Billionaire Effect by John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen. When contemplating the lives of those we consider successful, weContinue reading “The Real Story of How Good Ideas Become Great Businesses”

Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions

It screws them up. Whenever we talk about finding something it means that we don’t have it and we need to go look for it.  It’s out  there somewhere and if we can only find it, then we can do something with it. The Future of HR: What’s next for the profession was the name ofContinue reading “Stop Telling People to Find/List their Passions”

The importance of writing stuff down

Nowadays with the Internet and email, writing, as with a pen or pencil in ones hand seems so archaic, so farfetched – “write it down?” you ask incredulously? Yes start a journal…start writing stuff down. Richard Branson keeps notebooks upon notebooks of his ideas, thoughts and other observations daily. He is never without a notebook.Continue reading “The importance of writing stuff down”