In search of formulas and easy answers

In the world of business there are so many shortcuts, formulas, newfound ways to do everything from writing a book in 3 hours to 6 figures in 6 months. I have always believed in the power of possibility but I feel that there are some things that we must discover on our own. The bookContinue reading “In search of formulas and easy answers”

Facing Our Fears

The need to step into what we fear and in so doing disperse its hold on us is powerfully brought to life by this moment in the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. After searching everywhere within reason and memory for the Holy Grail, Jones stands on an enormous precipice, a deep chasm beforeContinue reading “Facing Our Fears”

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Job to Become the CEO of Your Destiny

  “Sometimes it just takes the right attitude and the confidence to know that the old way isn’t necessarily the right way – and the belief that better days are ahead.” This quote by Maynard Webb, bestselling author of the book *Rebooting Work* is truly inspiring. His book focuses on how work models developed aContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Leave Your Job to Become the CEO of Your Destiny”

Wake up and be open to Someone Else’s Ideas

Many hotels have a wonderful tool that allows you to sleep without interruption. Yes I am referring to the humble but very effective ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. All you have to do is hang this outside your door and you will be left alone for as long as you desire. Dr. Emmet Fox, a wellContinue reading “Wake up and be open to Someone Else’s Ideas”