Uncertainty is the NEW certainty

The only thing constant is change. You and I have uttered these words on numerous occasions but most times on a very surface level. It’s almost as if when we say the words we feel that it’s all that’s required; that speaking these words alone will inoculate us against dealing with stuff that we can’tContinue reading “Uncertainty is the NEW certainty”

Why Self-Help is not always Helpful…

People all over the world, including here in Trinidad and Tobago, are consuming in excess of US$9.6 billion of self-improvement or personal development products a year. These products are available to consumers as books, electronic books (or E-Books), CDs, DVDs, teleconferences and webinars, and are offered not only by well-known “gurus” like Deepak Chopra, BrianContinue reading “Why Self-Help is not always Helpful…”