where are you selling yourself short?

You may have been brushing over this question for a long time. Even if you haven’t put it into words to form the question, you have had a feeling…a knowing…that all is not right in your world. On the outside, you look OK and feel OK but you know that you are not OK. YouContinue reading “where are you selling yourself short?”

In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?

This pandemic experience has been VERY depressing for many service business owners and entrepreneurs. Many businesses have had to shut down completely and some have reopened only to have their doors closed once again. Uncertainty is rampant. Most people who run their own businesses love to have control yet as we have all experienced, theseContinue reading “In this “Covid Season” – How Do You Get Potential Clients to Come to You?”

The Last Remaining Competitive Advantage

Whenever the economy is volatile – businesses tighten their belts. This is a good thing. In better times there is a tendency to not look too hard at what is being spent. There’s more money to go around and many activities get the ‘ok’ from top management. When things are tight however, immediately the ‘luxury’Continue reading “The Last Remaining Competitive Advantage”