how much truth can you accept about yourself?

Do you believe everything that’s said about you? Do you believe everything you’ve said, are saying about yourself? Not knowing who you really are is keeping you stuck. What do I mean? There are many things that have been said to us, about us…stuff we’ve just accepted as truth. Perhaps someone we admired said it,Continue reading “how much truth can you accept about yourself?”

Why, Despite ALL that You Have Achieved do You still Feel Like a Failure?

Perhaps because all your life, you’ve been driven by doing it for others more than actually doing it for yourself. Think about that for a moment. We also have an uncanny ability to feel weird if things are going TOO GOOD for us. Coach and bestselling author Martha Beck tell us that “weirdly, we feelContinue reading “Why, Despite ALL that You Have Achieved do You still Feel Like a Failure?”

écouter et répéter

I love the French language. The guttural Rs…the way one word seems to join another in a sentence…except in certain cases…pure music. To learn French back when I was in secondary school – our teacher always started the lesson by asking us to “écouter et répéter…” – listen and repeat. In Og Mandino’s ‘The GreatestContinue reading “écouter et répéter”

Real Change Comes from the Heart…

Starting with your own heart and the promises you make to it. Whenever you break a promise – you break your own heart. Think about how many times you’ve done this and perhaps James Frey’s ‘a Million Little Pieces’ might come to mind. We judge folks on promises broken. What they promised to do thatContinue reading “Real Change Comes from the Heart…”

Fake it till you make it – is this really good advice y/n?

Depends on how you look at it. I’m sounding like an economist. I think it was Paul Zane Pilzer who said, the world would be a better place if there were more one-hand economists since when forecasting you’d often hear them say “on the one hand…..but on the other hand…..” But back to… Someone sharedContinue reading “Fake it till you make it – is this really good advice y/n?”

Don’t ‘should’ on Yourself!

Do you remember the last time someone told you that you SHOULD do something? How did you feel? I’m sure you didn’t graciously say “why thank you for that tip” Why am I so certain of your response? Well should is a word that we attach to authority figures, be it parents, or folks paidContinue reading “Don’t ‘should’ on Yourself!”