Can you create something better from the pain you’ve experienced?

I am fond of saying “look to nature…you can learn a lot!” Nature sees value in everything that exists. Nothing is to be wasted. Pain and suffering don’t go to waste once you can learn. You have new found wisdom that will serve you regardless of your journey. Everything that you attempt to deny orContinue reading “Can you create something better from the pain you’ve experienced?”

Where Will You Be 12 Months From Now?

There’s a lot of focus now on the end of the year. Some of my friends even know the number of days between now and Christmas. Christmas is indeed a joyful time for many and the change from the old year into the new brings hope to all of us. The start of the NewContinue reading “Where Will You Be 12 Months From Now?”

We Need to Stop Settling!

In a recent O Magazine article I saw a quote by Iyanla Vanzant and jotted it down in my journal When we believe we cannot have what we desire, when we lack faith in ourselves and in the goodness of life, we settle for less. We decide that whatever is in front of us isContinue reading “We Need to Stop Settling!”

You Get What You Tolerate

What’s holding us back? What is preventing us from achieving a new level of performance? What’s blocking us from taking charge of our future and accomplishing what others believe is impossible? Far too many leaders are willing to make excuses for the poor performance of their employees. They train and train, spend money on moreContinue reading “You Get What You Tolerate”

You Can’t Get Rich Outsourcing Your Thinking

This article was also published in the Business Newsday 23.1.2014 In a recent Facebook post, Rich Schefren, entrepreneur [with a proven track record in business development and marketing excellence] posted this challenge: [WISDOM] Most entrepreneurs spend too much time looking for answers that can only be found inside themselves. So today, challenge yourself. Choose a problemContinue reading “You Can’t Get Rich Outsourcing Your Thinking”

You are Capable

We all need to be reminded that once we activate our creative power we can follow through on any plan, idea or purpose. We need to stop the insane thinking that keeps us constantly looking for more information, wasting countless hours scouring the Internet. Like Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors “Feed me! Feed me!Continue reading “You are Capable”