It doesn’t matter your level of success…

No matter your level of success, if you encounter a challenge, the solution comes from asking the right questions, digging deep, being truthful and discovering what works for you. Franchises have figured out operations and product – marketing is up to you. You may take onboard a tried and true consultative approach but it’s stillContinue reading “It doesn’t matter your level of success…”

Do You Know Your True Worth?

This statement – Charge what you’re worth seems straightforward and simple. Except often we don’t really know what we’re worth! And why is that? You see most times we don’t consider what comes naturally to us as valuable. We dismiss our innate talents and often wrongly assume that since it is so simple or easyContinue reading “Do You Know Your True Worth?”

The Crime We Inflict Upon Ourselves

Psycho-Cybernetics was THE BOOK TO READ in the 70’s. My parents had a copy and I remember my friend’s parents having copies in their homes. I didn’t read it then and when I was finally REALLY interested in reading it, my mom could not find our copy. I eventually bought a copy on-line for myContinue reading “The Crime We Inflict Upon Ourselves”

Small Business Success Requires an Open Mind and the Ability to Think

Thinking seems to be a lost art. Today you can get an answer to virtually any question by typing in our question into a search engine. Compare that to the age BEFORE Google where children had to use their imagination all through playtime and draw on both sides of their brains to solve problems. PlaytimeContinue reading “Small Business Success Requires an Open Mind and the Ability to Think”

Do You Know Your True Self Worth?

“We are not being paid enough!” “My take home pay doesn’t take me home!” “If sales could increase – that would be great for business!” Regardless of whether you work for someone or own a business – making more money is a thought that is in everyone’s brain. The question is always: “How can IContinue reading “Do You Know Your True Self Worth?”

Do your cringe when people ask…”So what do you do?”

Or variations of that…like “What are you doing today?” or “What are your plans for today?” I used to feel awkward – A LOT! – with questions like those. When asked what I did, I always felt as if I were starring in a spy movie and I was the impostor. I never really tookContinue reading “Do your cringe when people ask…”So what do you do?””